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Creating a Voice-Based FAQ Mobile Application

About the Project

Stanford Consulting is a premier preprofessional student-run organization that facilitates interaction between students and companies, while promoting information exchange and experience-sharing among students. Stanford Consulting gives students the opportunity to solve real-world business problems for their client companies. As such, Stanford Consulting helped to consult a medical devices company, referred to as Medical Devices Company or MDC (name changed for privacy purposes).

MDC wants to be seen as a technological leader in the field of medical devices. Cardinal Labs created a minimum viable voice-based frequently asked questions mobile application for patients post-surgery operations.


In order to create a voice-based FAQ mobile application, we identified the following challenges:

• An intuitive user interface for older patients
• Speech-to-text functionality
• Integrations with personalized hospital data


We pursued two routes in order to achieve our goals:

• Designed a mobile application based on existing user interface research with older users
• Researched the best speech-to-text APIs, eventually deciding to use Google Cloud’s API


Low-Fi Wireframes

Voice-Based FAQ Flow

User Profile Screen

Surgery Info Screen



React Native


Google Cloud API


Based on the user experience research and studies provided by Stanford Consulting, we used React Native to produce a mobile application. Using Google Cloud's speech-to-text functionality, we created a voice-based questioning component for ease of asking medical questions. The mobile application was also developed to be cross-platform, working on both Android and iPhone devices. Two different versions of the application were developed, with one allowing for better integration of hospital specific information and the other a more generalized information source for specific surgeries.

Final Screens

Voice-Based FAQ Flow

Surgery Info Screen

Timeline Screen