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Improving industrial safety using AI and computer vision

About the Project

Early-stage AI Company (EAIC) is a startup tackling challenges within the area of industrial safety. Their main product is a mobile app that allows users to upload videos of workers and use AI to automate ergonomic assessments. Their next step is to expand the functionality of the Risk Suite, a web app counterpart to the mobile app. Cardinal Labs helped design and develop key aspects of the Risk Suite to help EAIC enhance its web presence.


In order to build a seamless user experience for EAIC's Risk Suite clients, we identified the following challenges:

• Our team’s understanding of the NIOSH and REBA ergonomic risk assessment evaluations
• EAIC's existing code base and their use of Redux


To achieve our goals, we researched the relevant risk assessment evaluations and their current application. Through sources like ergo-plus, we determined how each of these evaluations worked. This helped us ideate on how to design the most intuitive dashboard experience for these existing forms using EAIC's technology.

We then spent some time familiarizing ourselves with EAIC’s existing code base, learning Redux along the way to support our interactions with their Firebase.


4 Main Screen Flows needed to have wireframes drawn up:

• Submit Video Screen
‍• View Video Screen
• Admin User Profile Screen
• Non-Admin User Profile Screen

Submit Video Screen Flow

The user browses for a video file on their computer and selects one for the upload process. A progress bar shows the upload status of the video. Additionally, the user is also prompted to select the type of evaluation they want to conduct. If they select NIOSH, they are given an additional warning, reminding them to align their video with NIOSH’s demands. Once the video has finished uploading and the user has also selected an evaluation type, the submit button becomes enabled and the user can finish submitting the video.*

Upload Video

REBA Evaluation Selected

NIOSH Evaluation Selected

* This flow was changed in the final product due to updates from the client.

View Video Screen Flow

The user is automatically redirected to this page after submitting a video. Immediately after submission, this page allows the user to preview their uploaded video, fill in additional Information required for their selected evaluation and choose the subject they want to focus on in the video.

After the initial submission, the user can also return to this page from the 'Video List' page. By default, they’ll see a summary of their entered information alongside a preview of their uploaded video. They also have the option to edit their entered information.

NIOSH Post Submission

REBA Summary

REBA In-Edit

Admin User Profile Screen Flow

There are 2 components to this page’s flow, which are triggered by a tab at the top of this page. The first component shows the pending requests the administrator has received from newly joined users. The administrator can choose to accept or deny these requests.

The second component shows a list of all current members under the administrator’s organization. For clarity, these members are organized by their respective group within the organization. The administrator has the ability to rename groups, delete members or reassign them to other groups.

Requests Summary

Accept Request

Members Summary

Non-Admin User Profile Screen Flow

This screen represents the dashboard for a non-admin user. It simply shows a summary of the user’s profile information in addition to any updates they get from their respective administrator.

Non-Admin Default Profile

Non-Admin Request Update








Our main goal was to update the look, feel, and features of the EAIC Risk Suite, primarily focusing on the submit video, view video, admin profile and non-admin profile aspects of the web app. After building out the video upload, form submit, and video display features, we added a dashboard for administrators to manage employee groups and videos. Our next task was to work out how to upload and securely stream user videos as well as display the video’s data analysis on a synchronized graph.

Final Screens

Submit Video Page

View Video Page

Admin Requests Page

Admin Members Page